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We Create Mobile Apps So Your Users Can Enjoy Their Lives On The Go

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

We put value at the heart of our process. We focus on what’s important to your business and your users. This way, we can prove the value of your app idea before we begin development. We then build on this mobile strategy throughout discovery, design, development and optimization.

Our award-winning app developers are all experts in their fields. We build a dedicated, multi-disciplined team to work with you throughout the app development process. Instead of then taking a linear approach to mobile app development, we work in focused sprints. This way, you’ll see your project’s progress right from the very beginning. But it also helps us to focus on what’s most important to you and your users.

Our Design & Development Process

Our elite teams build apps, that interacts with users—for the world’s leading companies. We cultivate expertise in every stage of product creation, resulting in extraordinary digital experiences.

Strategy & Roadmap.

Inspired by the now-famous Google Ventures methodology, each project starts with an intense, 5-day discovery process that ends with empirical validation with real clients.

Visual & UX Design

Using the insights from the Design Sprint, your UX designer will flesh out the user stories, journeys, and states to create a clear, seamless and delightful experience. And most importantly iterative User Testing.


Agility is the name of the game. Our scrum-based Agile development methodology ensures frequent builds and gives you plenty of time to test and adjust. While our experienced Quality Assurance (QA) team will identify and manage testing.

Launch & Monitor

Getting an app live on the web or submitting an app to the App Store can be a tricky process, but we will help you along the way to get your app published. Updates are essential to an app’s success. Using both quantitative and qualitative tracking tools, we will help you identify opportunities to improve and update your app based on user data and feedback.

What We Build For


Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




Case Studies

Rocket Defenders

Education Gaming

This app was created to educate users about the wonders of space, while offering fun gameplay and engaging graphics. Rocket Defenders is an interactive game that teaches users how to take down those pesky objects in space. Players will also learn how to build small rockets in their homes, as well as precautions they can take to avoid the dangers of past rocket failures.

50k+ Downloads • 2k+ Reviews


Social Analytics Tracker

Productivity, Business

Sometimes it goes beyond the app, the social analytics tracker was designed to give our client key metrics behind interactions within their application on an easy to use web dashbaord. 

35k+ Downloads • 1.3k+ Reviews


What We Offer

Find your area of need  from app development to strategy and more — explore where BuildPaprika

can help your business work better.


Mobile App Development

Innovation doesn’t happen around a boardroom table. That’s why we employ proven methods that put us in the shoes of your users. At Build Paprika, qualitative and quantitative research always drives product design.

But while we execute a user-centered process, our Mobile App Development encompasses much more. We dive into your business model, market challenges, and product positioning, helping you create a product that delivers unique value. And we work with our Software Engineering team to ensure we can deliver what we recommend, on-time and on-budget.

Roadmap & Strategy

From creating an expansive, industry-changing vision of “the future of (fill in the blank)” to identifying the right features for your mobile product, we blend art and science to deliver an actionable, strategic approach to every stage of the product definition process. Our mobile strategy framework puts the user first, to uncover that distinctive idea that will delight users while meeting your business and market objectives.

Backend & API Development

Our seasoned architects help our clients evaluate options to bring their projects to life. The best mobile experiences require a robust back-end foundation. Our teams have years of experience integrating with back-end and middleware systems and can evaluate alternatives based on cost, time to market, implementation risk, performance, scaling, and security considerations.

User Centric Experiences

Asking for user input is important, but it’s just one component of our research. We move beyond questions and answers to formulate an entire journey map, so we understand your users’ needs, desires, and frustrations. That’s how we identify opportunities to serve them.

WorldClass Support

Providing good customer service represents the dedication we have as a company to our clients. Good customer service starts with understanding the clients problems and frustrations and putting ourselves in their shoes.

Data backups

You need to protect your business data. Data backup and data recovery are important parts of building software solutions. You quickly realize three things quickly: all computer systems crash; all humans error; and disasters happen when least expected or are least prepared for them. We take great care to make sure we regularly backup our data. 

QA and testing

We consider quality assurance and testing absolutely critical to every project we take on—that’s why our QA team members are involved from day one through product launch (and after). We aren’t satisfied until your app runs the gauntlet of our automated and manual tests, and makes it through intact.

Award Winning quality

Our commitment to quality has won hundreds of awards, but more importantly, it has won the confidence of thousands of clients who have chosen a Build Paprika designed app. More than just high-quality apps, we build peace of mind by maintaining high standards in app development. Our signature Build Paprika Experience ensures communication and attention to detail at every step. And it’s all backed by our dedicated Customer Care team.

Security & compliance

Mobile security is a boardroom topic. Forrester projects that a security breach will force a Fortune 5000 company into bankruptcy this year. Build Paprika has developed an industry-leading approach to ensure we offer our clients comprehensive approaches to testing every project before every deployment.

Launched Apps

Average App Rating

App Downloads

“Build Paprika was a wonderful partner and exceeded our already high expectations for the engagement. Their expertise not only bettered our own UX capabilities, but also helped us create a transformational new product for our stores

Zach Seta, Ext Systems

Build Paprika’s impeccably-designed blueprint model has solicited positive feedback. Their highly collaborative team always builds to spec and they’re also known to incorporate their very hands-on and personal touch. Their immense talent is worth the price.

Patrick Day, Monarch

Build Paprika surpassed expectations with the stunning and immaculately-designed app and their work generated an impressive number of downloads. Their team has a combination of warmth and intelligence that other tech agencies don’t have.

Will Crawford, Bloom

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